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More than half the respondents to a survey want companies to provide healthcare benefits to maintain a good work-life balance.

Nine out of 10 respondents took upon themselves to improve work-life balance, two in five worked flexible time slots and 33% worked remotely or from home frequently.

Working remotely will result in less travelling time and stress. Hybrid work doesn’t just alleviate stress, it can also reduce absenteei *** as employees are less likely to call in sick to avoid coming late for work or deal with heavy traffic on the way to work.

These are the results of a recent employer brand research survey conducted by Randstad in Malaysia with over 2,500 respondents.

Attractive salaries and benefits are the most important value proposition that respondents want when they look for an ideal employer.

Health care and mental health benefits are necessary to cope with the changing work-life expectations.

Companies should review their corporate insurance to ensure that it is robust to attract and retain talent, it said.

To retain talents, companies should also pay their employees fairly in exchange for their skills, experience and work contributions.

If an employee has exceeded expectations, he or she expects bonuses in return for the completion of projects and driving more business revenue.

According to 85% of the respondents, it is important for their employers to offer them upskilling opportunities.



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